20 Awesome Tips on How to Get Followers on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most used social media sites today. In fact, it has almost one billion active users per month! Instagram has become a famous platform for brands and businesses to reach their target market and audience because of its worldwide usage. In this blog post, we shared tips on how to get followers on Instagram, we will show you step by steg how to gain followers on instagram and build and audience to get more followers on instagram. Keep reading!

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Tips on How To Get Followers on Instagram

1. Like and comment on pictures under your niche.

Is your account a travel, children, meme, food, or a fitness account? That defines your niche. Liking and commenting on other accounts with the same niche as yours is a good way to get exposure, especially if they did it to your posts too. If they liked and commented back on your posts, you will be exposed to their followers because their followers will see your post in the “Explore Page” of their accounts.

But remember, always give value to your comments. It’s better if you put longer comments that tell you really read and understood the post’s caption. This way, they will appreciate your comment and give the comments with value to your posts too.

You should also do your best to leave a nice comment on accounts with millions of followers and be on top of their comments section. With this trick, people will click on your account and will follow you if they like your feed.

2. Take care of your feed.

To gain followers on Instagram, you need to have a really nice feed. Keep it clean by following a theme. For example, you normally post blue beaches and islands but you want to add landscapes and mountains too. Try adding a new style of content little by little, not suddenly breaking your usual theme.

If you repost other people’s content, it’s better to post landscapes where there are no people subjects. Avoid posting pictures and videos with other people’s faces.

Started Instagram and already posted a few contents from others? No worries, you can archive or delete them if they don’t match your planned feed in mind.

3. Engage with other accounts.

Like what we said earlier, liking and commenting on other accounts under your niche is really important to get more followers on Instagram because of the exposure. You can start engaging with these accounts by building a community (or just a DM group, ha!) of accounts under the same niche.

You can also join existing comment pods, as what we call it, to engage with their posts and gain more followers on Instagram quickly. Just ask other accounts nicely if they already have comment pods where you can join to.

Make sure to join those pods with accounts related to yours. For example, you are in the travel niche, you should join comment pods with accounts under travel, travel lifestyle, and travel couples niche. Avoid engaging with animal accounts, other niches, or viral accounts (like memes, jokes, funny pics). In this way, people who visit your account will understand that your niche is really all about your niche (e.g., travel).

4. Do polls in Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories has a lot of features, thanks to Instagram! There is a cool feature where you can make polls and ask questions to your followers. This is helpful especially if you are selling a product, a book, or even an online course.

Make your polls really engaging. Have your followers be in love of your content by asking them what content they want to see from your account. Making polls in Instagram Stories like these will really make them active and engaged in your posts. Be creative in your Instagram Stories and make colorful, vibrant ones- adding stickers, geotags, and the like.

There’s also a feature where you can add a link in your Instagram Story and followers can swipe up to view your content linked. However, you first need to have 10,000 followers and have a Business page to have this feature.

5. Brand yourself with a Hashtag

Another important feature that you would like to use to get more followers on Instagram is the hashtags. Create your own hashtag and encourage people to use it in their posts and Instagram Stories. You can offer a shoutout in exchange for that, free gifts of products if you have, or you can even repost their content. Use your hashtag too in your posts and Instagram stories from time to time.

Thank your followers for using your hashtag and avoid making complicated and very long hashtags. It is prone to misspelling and it won’t work at all.

6. Join any giveaway to gain instagram followers

Have you ever seen Instagram giveaways in your feed? Yes, this is a great way to gain followers on Instagram! There are people who host Instagram giveaways. Some Instagram giveaways are paid, meaning you have to pay an amount to join, but there are also free ones.

You will get a bunch of followers (can be hundreds, depending on how many people joined the giveaway) and the winner of the giveaway will get something in return. Just make sure to join giveaways that are related to your niche.

When you join giveaways, use call-to-action sentences like “Tag your friends” etc. Also, wish them good luck! 🙂

7. Select your Hashtags wisely. Combine short and long ones

Like what we’ve said earlier, hashtags are really important to get more followers on Instagram. You can put up to 30 hashtags in your caption- use them wisely. Combine short and long hashtags in your set.

Long hashtags will give you a small exposure but shorter hashtags can keep your post for hours or even days in the “Popular” spot if you ranked higher than people who used it too! This will let you have great exposure and gain more followers on Instagram.

One thing to remember as well is that if you use hashtags with 40 million posts that already contain that hashtag, your exposure will be only for a few minutes unless it is really a successful one (meaning it got a really good amount of likes and comments).

If you have 10K followers or less, you can put 30 hashtags (max) and use hashtags that only have 2 million (or less) posts. You can stay at the top (when it’s successful) for a longer time.

8. Avoid Banned Hashtags

Hashtags, when used properly, can be used to get more followers on Instagram. Yes, there are banned hashtags! They can be permanently or temporarily banned. A banned hashtag is when you see no post when you search for it on Instagram.

Here are some of the banned hashtags:

Source: Preview App

Using these banned hashtags can make your account lose exposure. Some might say that it will also cause your account to be Shadowbanned by Instagram. Shadowbanning is when other accounts will not see your post whenever they searched for the hashtag you used in your content. However, shadowbanning is not a real thing. It is believed to be the cause of the decrease in their account’s engagement but the truth is, it might just be caused by Instagram’s always changing algorithm.

9. Add location in your posts and stories.

Adding location (geotags) in your posts and stories not just help you get more followers on Instagram but also getting the right ones (target location or demographics). If people search for a specific place your content pops out, then chances are they will follow you because your content is interesting to them.

Also, you can also add hashtags of the location of your content (example, #Madrid, #Philippines, #LasVegas, #London), as well as regular hashtags that you want to add. Ten hashtags can be put in an Instagram Story. If you think that’s a little bit messy, then make them as little as possible or cover them a cool GIF or sticker.

When people reply to your IG stories, reply as fast as you can!

More tips how to get followers on Instagram

10. Have a neat bio, defining yourself with keywords.

Do simple keywords to define your brand or business, like Travel Lifestyle, Business Entrepreneur, Fashion Blogger, etc. Be clear on what content you want to provide, what services you offer, what’s your account all about. You can also add a website or a link in your bio if you want them to see something you want to feature in your account.

Check out our bio! @gamintraveler on Instagram

11. Reply to all your comments as fast as you can.

Replying quickly is not just done on Instagram Stories but also in your posts! If you want your followers to be really engaged in your content, reply to them as quick as possible. This will increase your post’s engagement and it may also spark other people’s interest to like and comment on your post.

Make sure to further the discussion with your followers who commented by replying every time they comment and reply. You can also send them a DM if they need help with something. It’s always good to be nice and helpful to everybody online. 🙂

12. Encourage people to comment on your posts.

To gain more followers on Instagram, one rule is that you should include engaging questions or ideas in your caption. Make them reply to your post by asking questions like “Do you want to travel here soon?”, “Would you do this?” and other similar questions that will make them participate and engage in your post.

You can also put call-to-action statements like “Tag your friends who need to see this!” or “Tag someone!” It’s really helpful to widen your post’s reach.

13. Tag big accounts who can share your content.

There are accounts with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers that you want to tag on your posts to get their attention. You can also use their hashtags so they can see your content. (Again, always choose the accounts with the same niche as yours.) If they liked it, they can repost your content and it will be an exposure to their followers, helping you to gain followers on Instagram. Make sure to thank them! It will build a positive online friendship and they might feature your posts again in the future.

14. Add Business Profile on Instagram.

Switching your personal Instagram account to a Business profile is really helpful to get to know your followers more. Check the insights of your posts and account. Know where your followers are from, are they male or female, when they are most active and track your impressions.

This information that you’ll get from Insights is really helpful in determining the best time you should post your content, and to compare which posts are most successful with your followers.

Check out the photos below for a detailed look of Instagram Insights.

You’ll see under the Activity tab how you performed in general for the past few days. Reach is the total number of people who have seen your content. Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not.

Under the Content tab, you’ll see the best posts of your account. These were the posts which received the most number of views, likes, and comments. You’ll also see how many posts have been posted in the past week.

Audience tab is the most helpful part. You’ll see where most of your followers are from (by country or by city), their age, and gender. You’ll also see the specific times of the day where you gained the most or least number of followers (as shown in the next picture).

These insights will be helpful also when pitching to clients (if you’re an influencer or a brand) on how you can help them through your Instagram account.

Plus, with the business profile, you also get a shortcut button for your followers to e-mail you or call your cellphone number.

15. Content is the key to get more followers on instagram

The most important way to get followers on Instagram is to have a solid content. Your feed should be good enough for them to want more posts from you. Posting good content will keep followers coming to your feed every time.

If you can catch up with your content, try to show your friends or other accounts. Or if you want to keep your account personal but don’t have any more content to post, you can repost old ones that performed better in the past. These posts will most likely be successful too. Just add in the caption that you missed the moment or you can’t wait to go back, something like those. J

16. Consistency is a must

If you want consistent growth, then post consistently to gain instagram followers! Posting daily or 5-6 times a week is recommended if your account is for your personal brand, but if it is a repost account, then it’s good to post 4-6 times a day to reach people from all time zones.

It is recommended that you post same time every day (or your scheduled posting), though. This will let your followers expect and wait for your posts. You can also announce in your Instagram Stories about your upcoming post. Make them feel excited about it!

17. Share successful content in your niche crediting the owner

If the posts of other accounts get higher likes and comments than the number of their followers, it can be considered successful. To get more Instagram followers, you can repost these successful contents in your account too!

Make sure they are in your niche and credit the owner of the photo or video, make a great caption, and explain to your followers why you want to inspire them with that. Most of the time, it is okay to just repost the content and credit the owners. Owners will be happy for the credits at it also gives them exposure. But sometimes, you may need to request or ask the owner before reposting it. Just ask them nicely in DMs or even in their comments if you can repost their content.

Remember to take care of your feed when reposting! Only repost related pictures or videos to your account.

18. Cross-post with other accounts

If you have met another Instagram user personally (especially with many followers), you can tag them in your Instagram Stories or posts and have them tag you as well. It’s another chance to gain exposure from their audiences and get more followers on Instagram. It’s a win-win situation when you exchange shoutouts because you’ll both gain exposure from each other’s followers. Plus, you’ll gain yourself a new Instagram friend! 🙂

19. Drive traffic to your website

Let’s say you have a product to sell, a blog post that was recently posted, or an affiliate link to sell. You can use Instagram to promote these things by adding a call-to-action sentence in the caption or even using the link attachment of Instagram Story. Your followers can swipe up and easily view your website or landing page for sign-ups. You will be surprised how many people headed to your site to view your content!

20. Storytelling in your caption

Lastly, putting nice storytelling captions in your posts is a good way to gain more followers on Instagram. Long captions add value and make your followers engage in your posts. Inspire other people, tell them what you do and share other things that will inspire them and follow you for sure!


So, that’s it! 20 tips on how to get followers on Instagram! Are you ready to kick-start your Instagram journey? Do you have more questions about building your Instagram? Let us know!

Thanks for reading this blog post! Feel free to share them with your friends and rock Instagram together!

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