The Brand Accelerate Process

The 4-Step Process

What happens when you sign up with us?

1. Brand Introduction

Through a short form, we’d get information from you and your brand and what role does Instagram play in you reaching your business goals.

You’ll share to us your target audience, your visions for your business, what parts you’re willing to worked on with us, and more. Then we’ll evaluate everything to build a strategy for your Instagram growth..

2. The Growth Hacking Process

We’ll help you understand our Instagram Viral Strategy. Basically, what it means is that we curate content for you, in addition to your personal posts, so that you have the strongest and viral content on your feed. This, together with our power boosts, your profile will reach more exposure. This exposure will lead to more followers (we are currently growing accounts at 8-10K follower count monthly), and more leads for your personal brand and business.

3. Content Strategy

We’ll do all the posting of content for you. We manage the scheduling, the hostage research and optimization and engagement so you are left to do the things you need to be focusing on: Instagram Stories, engaging with followers and influencers in your field and reaching out to brands and consumers, or the people you want to work with or sell to.

4. Analysis and Tweaking

We’ll have weekly email chats on what happened in the week before and monthly analysis of the results you got, and how you should go from there.