How We Grew the Animal Talent Time to 100K Followers

How We Grew  Animal Talent Time to 100K Followers

Animal Talent Time is an Australian animal agency that provides animal talent to tv, movies and other media appearances and pet trainings for animals who want to be actors. Operating in Sydney, Australia they decided that Instagram is a platform they want to invest in to get more exposure for their agency and to partner with brands that use animal actors for their commercials.

Working with Brand Accelerate for their Instagram Growth and Management

The animal or pet category is one of the fastest growing categories not only in Instagram, but in every major social media platform. Remember those days that you stare at cat videos playing with balls? Or to different poses and facial expressions a dog can do? Well, I guess you still do it from time to time.

We can’t help it, these little creatures are just very cute, and can easily go viral on any platform possible. But how does an animal agency take advantage of this fact?

The Instagram Journey to 100K

With regular management and growth techniques, Animal Talent Time has experienced a steady growth from 1K to 40K in a year. Regular Instagram growth techniques can include regularly posting content, targeting hashtags that are related and mostly used by the agency’s target demographic, or by regular people who would love their content, engaging with followers and new people on the platform, and staying consistent with building the account every single day.

However, the account reached a plateau at around 42K, when it started to grow slower than usual. With Instagram constantly pushing updates and changes on the platform, regular content that would have easily gotten huge engagement a few months ago can easily start to not get attention.

This is why we started to move our strategy to viral content on Instagram.

What does viral content mean?

In social media speak, viral content means any piece of content shared, whether in a form of photo or video that is being shared by lots of people everywhere and getting an abnormally high attention.

A lot of social media firms try to hit “viral” on every social media campaign they run, just to get high attention and traffic to the news they are trying to promote, or for the benefit of a personal brand and business.

And on Instagram, hitting viral with the right content and strategies is definitely very possible. And today, this is the very core of our Instagram growth strategy for our clients.

Growing Viral on Instagram

Documenting the new changes the account is getting, it grew from having 46,220 followers on Dec 1, 2017 to 103,360 followers in January 14, 2018. The account garnered 57,141 new followers in a span of 48 days. Now that’s impressive growth!

These results are of course not coming from sleazy strategies that have been rampant nowadays – buying followers and buying engagement. Like any other social media platform, manipulating the growth of your account with strategies like these will only hurt your account in the long run. We’ve seen Instagram purge fake accounts and fake followers and delete inactive accounts in the platforms. And we’ve seen it shut down softwares that target automatic growth tactics like bots to protect the platform’s community.

This is why we’ve focused in a very simple yet very effective strategy: extremely good content that can go viral + a strong network of Instagram pages with active and engaged following + consistency in posting and testing = huge growth.

We’ve used this formula in various categories: travel, fitness, food, beauty, business and motivation, both for business and personal brands. It works all the time.

If you’re looking at having your account managed the right way, with the right people, and the right network, we are happy to discuss how this strategy can work for your account.

You can download our viral strategy process and see our pricing rates here. Or you can contact us directly in our contact form here and ask us any questions!

Looking forward to growing on Instagram with you.

Until our next case study.


Ruben and Rachel

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